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Qian Ni studied music in the United States and founded Eastman Strings. He and 2 musician colleagues brought instruments from Western-trained violin builders to their hometown in China. Mr. Ni hired a group of established master violinmakers and established a violin workshop devoted to handcrafted instruments. The reputation of Eastman Strings’ instruments for tonal quality and excellent craftsmanship has grown. Today, the instrument and bow making workshops at Eastman operate in the same manner as late 19th century European workshops. They have no power tools aside from the band saws used to cut out the necks and the outlines of the tops and backs. Thanks to Eastman, string players today have advantages unknown to earlier generations: quality Cellos, Violas, Flattop and Archtop Guitars, mandolins & bows, available worldwide.

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Eastman 3/4 Bass

Eastman AC-822C-FF

Eastman AR-805-CS

Eastman AR-805CE-SB

Eastman AR603CE-CS-15

Eastman AR805CE-BD

Eastman AR805CE-SB

Eastman DGM3

Eastman E-10 OM

Eastman E-10D

Eastman E-20 OM

Eastman E-20D

Eastman E10OOSS

Eastman E10SS 2012

Eastman E20D Sunburst

Eastman El Ray 2008

Eastman EU3T

Eastman Fan Fret Classical Prototype

Eastman Gypsy Jazz Prototype

Eastman MD305

Eastman MD605BLU

Eastman MDO-10

Eastman Nylon Prototype

Eastman T185MX-CS

Eastman T486

Eastman VB90T

Eastman Whyte Laydie, #2

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