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New guitars, Vintage guitars, Used guitars, New and vintage mandolins, New and vintage banjos

Acoustic Music.Org's specialty is handmade acoustic guitars, mandolins and banjos with an emphasis in steel and nylon string guitars. We love acoustic music and instruments, especially guitars.

Acoustic Music .Org is here to support the world of the guitar, the mandolin and the banjo. We view them as a rare combination of Art forms: The Luthiers Art of creation and the instruments ultimate purpose: Music and Performance.

We maintain an inventory of instruments representing the widest variety of musical styles and tastes and provide an informal Gallery setting so the instruments can be played. The intention is to allow people to experience the work of some of the World's finest Luthiers.

The in-house authority at Acoustic Music .Org is based on over 35 years of playing, recording and dealing the finest fretted instruments available. If you are looking for a new, used or vintage guitar, mandolin or banjo, please come to our guitar shop in Guilford, Connecticut.

Acoustic Music .Org is a CT guitar shop located just off interstate 95 between Boston and New York. We are close to New Haven, Hartford, Middletown, New London and Groton CT.

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Workshop of George Youngblood
Workshop of George Youngblood

Represented Builders:

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No Luthier AER Amplifiers Artinger Guitars
Ashdown Amplifiers Augustino Guitars Avalon Guitars
Bacon & Day Banjos Bacon Banjos Baden Guitars
Baker Guitars Bart Reiter Banjos Beauregard Guitars
Bellucci Guitars Benedetto Guitars Beneteau Guitars
Benito Guitars Berkowitz Guitars Boss Pedals
Bourgeois Guitars Breedlove Guitars Brentrup Mandolins
Buscarino Guitars Calton Cases Campellone Guitars
Carlson Guitars Carr Amplifiers Cervantes Guitars
Charles Fox Guitars Collings Guitars Collins Guitars
Comins Guitars Composite Acoustics Guitars Cordoba Guitars
Curran Guitars D'Angelico Guitars D'Aquisto Guitars
Dean Guitars Dell Arte Guitars Deneve Guitars
Dobro Resonator Guitars Dupont Guitars Eastman Strings
Eichelbaum Guitars Elger Guitars Epiphone Guitars
Ernie Ball Guitars Everett Guitars Fairbanks Guitars
Fat Conga Percussion Favilla Guitars Fender Guitars
Fishman Amplifiers Flammang Guitars Flatiron Banjos
Franklin Guitars G-7TH Capos Gallup Guitars
Gibson Guitars Gilchrist Mandolins Gitane Guitars
Givens Mandolins Godin Guitars Goldstar Banjos
Goodall Guitars Gretsch Guitars Guild Guitars
Gurian Guitars Harmony Guitars Heritage Guitars
Hill Guitars Hiro Ebata Guitars Hirschy Guitars
Hofner Guitars Huss & Dalton Guitars Hygrometers
JMC Guitars Johnny Marvin Ukuleles Johnson Resonator Guitars
Ka-Lae Ukuleles Keisuke Nishi Guitars Kentucky Mandolins
Keystone Stringed Instruments Kinnaird Guitars Kirk Sand Guitars
Kiwaya Ukuleles Klein Guitars Knutson Mandolins
Korg Accessories L.R. Baggs Electronics Lamehorse Guitars
Larrivee Guitars Larson Brothers Guitars Laurent Brondel Guitars
Lehmann Guitars Levin Guitars Line 6 Electronics
LoPrinzi Guitars Lowden Guitars LSL Guitars
Lyon & Healy Instruments Manzer Guitars Marshall Amplifiers
Martin Guitars Matsuda Guitars May-Bell Guitars
McAlister Guitars McGill Guitars McPherson Guitars
Mermer Guitars Merrill Guitars Michael Dunn Guitars
Monteleone Guitars Morris Guitars Musicman Amplifiers
Nash Guitars Nashville Guitar Company National Guitars
New Orleans Guitars Northfield Mandolins NS Stringed Instruments
Oasis Accessories Occhineri Custom Guitars Old Wave Mandolins
Ome Banjos Paco De Lucia Guitars Park Guitars
Passic Preamps Paul Reed Smith Guitars Pava Mandolins
Pedulla Bass Phil Jones Amplifiers Planet Waves
Polytone Amplifiers R.Taylor Guitars Ramirez Guitars
Recording King Guitars Regal Resonator Guitars Rickenbacker Guitars
Rubio Guitars S.S. Stewart Banjos S.Yairi Guitars
Sadowsky Guitars Samo Mandolins Santa Cruz Guitars
Schertler Amplifiers Schertler Guitars Schick Guitars
Shure Microphones Silva Mandolins Silvertone Guitars
Sobell Guitars Somogyi Guitars Sorrentino Guitars
Sugi Craft Guitars SWP Guitars Tamura Guitars
Taylor Guitars TC Electronic Amplifiers Tobias Bass
Traynor Amplifiers Trenier Guitars Triggs Guitars
Turner Guitars Une Bohn Guitars Vega Banjos
Vega Guitars Veillette Guitars Velazquez Guitars
Victoria Amplifiers Vines Guitars Walker Electric Guitars
Washburn Guitars Weber Mandolins Weissenborn
Weyman Banjos Woodspeak Guitars Wren Guitars
Yamaha Guitars Youngblood Guitars Zemaitis Guitars
Zimnicki Guitars Angel Lopez Guitars

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